Apr 242012
I got to read the tracklist for Kickin and Screamin the other day. I figured I should share:
1. Intro (skit) feat. Scenario
2. Dancin With Myself
3. Kali Baby
4. Kill Shit feat. Tech N9ne & Twista
5. Mayday feat. Chamillionaire & Rittz
6. Dumb For You feat. T-Pain
7. Spaz feat. Tech N9ne
8. Dixie Cup feat. Big Scoob & Twiztid
9. Abu Dhabi feat. 816 Boyz
10. Species
11. Can’t Be The Only One feat. Tech N9ne
12. Created A Monster
13. Hello Walls feat. Tech N9ne
14. Wannabe feat. Twiztid
15. Unstable
16. Dream Of A King feat. MAYDAY! & Prozak
17. Stay Alive feat. Big Scoob
And now we play the waiting game…