May 162012

Thanks to UPSMI and USPS my copy of Kickin’ and Screamin’ came in the mail on the release date (May 15)

17 tracks of win.

First I have to say, I’m not a fan of this iTunes exclusive deal with two bonus tracks (19 total). I hate iTunes, their DRM, and filetype. I would’ve purchased the two bonus tracks on Amazon if they were available, but moving on…

Krizz Kaliko brings in dubstep, a great singing voice, killer lyrics, and insane rap skills. Mix that together with Tech N9ne, T-Pain, and several other great featured artists and this album is just full of awesome.

That’s right, win and awesome.

You’ve got killer rap, party music (Abu Dhabi, Dixie Cup, Kill Shit, Spaz), serious music (Hello Walls, Stay Alive), sensual music (Species), and more. So you’re getting a good mix of serious and party on Kickin’ and Screamin’.

Without going track by track I can’t really do the album justice, and I’m not doing that, so you really need to listen yourself.

Don’t ask me how many times I’ve listened to the album since it arrived.

Grab the CD on Amazon or the MP3 Album, whichever you prefer.

May 152012

Krizz Kaliko’s new album Kickin’ and Screamin’ was released today at midnight. Have you ordered your copy?

I’m waiting on the post office to deliver mine.

I’m excited, and the tracks I’ve heard so far have been great. Preview the tracks with the widget above, and you can download it via Amazon too.

Tracklist here.