Caribou Lou


So after my first Caribou Lou post I decided to follow up. The page is updated occasionally.

Not familiar with Caribou Lou? Check it out on Amazon: Caribou Lou [Explicit]

This video isn’t anything like I wanted, but it works for now. Kickass glass for a kickass (asskick?) drink.

No audio because I was boring as shit, but the next one will be better. I also did the measurements on the wrong side of the glass so you get to look at a glass and hands.

Here’s how I do it by the glass:

1 shot of Malibu coconut rum
2 shots of 151 Bacardi rum
Pineapple juice poured to taste

It does vary from site to site, but this is a general guideline. Mix to taste! It’s all about you. Sometimes I like stronger rum, sometimes I want more pineapple juice or coconut rum. The exact measurements in the song are unknown, especially if you’re going by the glass. A mix true to the song would be to make it in a pitcher and serve.

One recipe I found recommended:

1 1/2 parts 151 rum
1 part Malibu coconut rum
4 parts pineapple juice

I do recommend cold pineapple juice, or pour it over ice.
Shake or stir, that’s up to you. I do whichever I feel like at the time.

Of course, per the song:

151 rum
Pineapple Juice
Malibu Caribou Rum

Half a bottle of 151 off in the jug
One cup of Malibu rum
Fill the rest of the jug with pineapple juice

Tech N9ne’s Sex To The Beat from the Bad Season Mixtape (plus multiple other songs) calls for Bacardi 151 rum.

Live concert footage of Caribou Lou here in Houston (see this post):

These are both Caribou Lou, just from different cameras/angles:

Updated 03/06/2012 – Formatting change, amazon clip added.