May 052011

Krizz Kalico is featured on T-Pain’s prEVOLVEr The Mixtape. You can read the article about it on Krizz Kalico’s blog: Fans React To Krizz Kaliko And T-Pain Collaboration — Krizz Kalico is the reason I found out about the mixtape being available.

You can download the mixtape for free here. NO REFUNDS.

I’ve only previewed a portion of the album so far, but what I heard definitely leaves me wanting to hear more.

I spent time adjusting the ID3 Tags on the MP3s so I could navigate the album better on my computer and MP3 players, so I went ahead and pulled the track listing below:

Track List:
1. Speech feat. Birdman
2. I Done Showed You feat. Field Mob
3. Big Man feat. Tity Boi
4. Hoes And Ladies feat. Smoke & Lil Wayne
5. You Copying Me?
6. Danger
7. Muffuga
8. So Much Pain feat. One Chance
9. The Word
10. Test Drive
11. Money On The Floor feat. Mistah Fab
12. What?
13. Depressing feat. Tay Dizm
14. Motivated feat. P.L Official & B. Martin
15. Yasimelike feat. One Chance
16. Hit ‘Em Wit It feat. Severe
17. Nightmare feat. One Chance
18. Money Dance feat. One Chance
19. Bring It Back feat. Tay Dizm
20. Fantasy feat. Dawn
21. Open
22. I’ll Make U
23. Have It
24. I Might Have To Go feat. One Chance
25. I’m Just Sayin’
26. What’s The Bidness
27. Out The Hood feat. Brisco & Joey Galaxy
28. Top Flight Sex (Of The World) feat. Joey Galaxy
29. Keep It Coming
30. Welcome home feat. Krizz Kaliko and Bow Wow

I went looking around and couldn’t find any sites that matched the right names and collaborators. It was weird…

Sep 272010

There’s a pretty broad range of music that I like lately. Nerdcore is on the list. A year or two ago somebody introduced me to the 8 Bit Bullshit album by MadHatter, and since then I’ve heard quite a few different artists/albums. Some I liked more than others, but it’s fun music.

There’s some good stuff so you should check it out. All of the albums on Scrub Club Records are free, so it’s not like there’s anything to lose (Though, I’m sure if you liked the music and dropped in a donation they’d appreciate it).

Scrub Club Records

Read their Who We Are page for more information.

If you didn’t download anything else, I’d definitely recommend: MadHatter – 8 Bit Bullshit, Dr. Awkward’s albums, and Dale Chase’s albums. Give those a shot, check the rest out, and see what you like.