Nov 272012

I love working in a job where I can just sit and listen to music for hours (while I work hard, of course).

I’m also grateful not to be working in a retail environment where I have to listen to the same three Christmas songs for an entire shift, every shift right now.

For all of you stuck in said environment: I feel you. I’ve been there, and it sucks. Keep strong, memorize good music and play it in your head. Pull out your MP3 player on break if you can.

I’m not much for Christmas music really. My wife likes it, my mom used to play it growing up, but I’d still rather listen to something else.

What are you listening to for Christmas?

Eh, while I’m making a post, might as well throw in an update:

I just got my autographed copy of Elephant Room – Dumbo’s Circus. Here’s a track from the album:

Check out their website if you’re into it.

Sep 202012

What’s up? It’s me, Caribou Lou again.” – Tech N9ne (Don’t Tweet This from the E.B.A.H. EP)

Well, here I am remembering to post and actually doing it. Usually I get to “remembering to post” and, SQUIRREL!

Sorry, just a shadow. Anyway, let’s talk music.

My tastes have changed over time, and yet they haven’t in some ways. However, with that, there are some bands I still very much enjoy listening to, and yet I’ve totally lost track of them.

For starters, Hoobastank, Incubus, Saving Abel, Shinedown, Halestorm, My Darkest Days, and several other bands have put out new albums (I say new, how about within the last year or so). I either knew and still haven’t heard the albums (more than a preview), or I just recently found out.

I like a lot of genres, though lately I tend to focus on rap/hip hop, so those just slipped right by me. Then while previewing the albums, I’m just disappointed. I like when I can recognize a band, but still see new innovation. I like seeing evolution with a band (or artist, I suppose I should mention). What doesn’t really interest me is when I pick up a new album from an artist I used to really enjoy, and it’s like “Oh, okay. Same old stuff?” or worse yet, when it doesn’t even compare to their last big album. I know it’s hard to match something big you did before, but let’s avoid the Nickelback syndrome (always sounding the same).

Shame on me, I couldn’t resist slipping a little Nickelback dig in there. I used to listen to them too.

So lately I’ve been on a rap/hip hop kick, as I mentioned. With that, I’ve also been neglecting this place, and I haven’t kept up to date with new albums I’ve picked up. So let’s get to it!

In no kind of order really:

  • ¡MAYDAY! – Thrift Store Halos
  • Ces Cru – 13
  • Tech N9ne – E.B.A.H.
  • Slaughterhouse – Welcome To Our House
  • Busta Rhymes – Year of the Dragon
  • Rittz – White Jesus: Revival
  • P!nk – The Truth About Love

I’ve picked up a few mixtapes too (Hopsin, SwizZz, Slaughterhouse, and some others).

So I’ve been a little busy since my last post (June 20? Holy balls). I wish I was the kind of guy that could keep you up with reviews and such. There are so many great sites out there for that. I originally opened up to talk about music while I was working in an environment where I listened to my music player during most of my shift. Things changed for a bit, but I’m back to that now (or close enough to it). I’ll find a good balance to what works best for me and writing here.

Rittz signed over to Strange Music, and I’ve really enjoyed listening to the White Jesus: Revival mixtape. I’m looking forward to what he does with Strange.

P!nk’s album was my wife’s call, and we’ve enjoyed a lot of her previous stuff (as many people do/have).  The track with Eminem is definitely my favorite (Here Comes the Weekend), but over-all it wasn’t bad.

Tech N9ne’s EP, E.B.A.H. is definitely a party/fun EP, and it’s great. He does a good job doing both the party shit and the serious shit and I like that.

Busta Rhymes – Year of the Dragon. I’ve listened to it a few times now and I just can’t even point anything specific out about it. I recall thinking “Where are his fast raps?” at some point. He’s a great rapper, but I’ve got nothing on this album.

The Slaughterhouse album (Welcome to our House) was different, for me. I’ve actually never heard their previous albums, except the mixtape they released right before the new album dropped. I can’t recall anything specific on this one either really. Not bad, but not my first pick if I’m looking for an album in my list.

The Ces Cru EP (13) was great. Loved the track with Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko of course, but over-all it has stayed in my playlist recently.

¡MAYDAY! – Thrift Store Halos was a great EP coming off of their album Take Me To Your Leader. Darker Shades is my favorite song, but the EP as a whole is great.

I picked up on Hopsin from “Am I A Psycho?” by Tech N9ne (ft B.O.B. and Hopsin), and both him and SwizZz on “Raw Talk” by Stevie Stone (ft. Hopsin and SwizZz). Crazy guys with a lot of BS and good beats, but Hopsin also seems to have some real shit to put out (seen in his “Ill Mind of Hopsin” series online).

I think that covers it for now. Nothing too fancy, though a little long-winded.

Lately my mind is racing, but there’s no finish line.” – ¡MAYDAY! “Darker Shades


Jun 202012

So I’m cramming a few updates in this one. I’ve been busy in life and work, and though music is one of my favorite topics I don’t always have the time to talk about it. I’ve worked on writing this post about 5 different times in the last few days, so it’s pretty amazing that it’s being posted at all.

The first thing I want to touch on is Stevie Stone’s new album: Rollin’ Stone.

This is a great album, and I see why Stevie Stone is part of Strange Music. Right now I keep turning back to Cast Out (ft. Krizz Kaliko) and Dollar General (ft. Yelawolf).
While I was waiting for the album release I heard his older (old record label, too) song, Midwest Explosion ft. Tech N9ne. This only got me more excited about the new album.
He’s got a great rap voice and just keeps my attention through each song. Great album if you’re looking for some great rap. Be warned: You will want to hear more.

Onto other things:

Krizz Kaliko is talented, and really hits a lot of different things. Not just on Kickin’ and Screamin’, but on his older work too. The guy can rap, sing, and a lot of things in between and beyond.

Linkin Park is back with a new album dropping on June 26th: Living Things. I heard the new single on the radio (yes, that old thing) and got excited. Check out the official music video for Burn it Down (the new single) here.

I’ve had a chance to listen to more music lately than I have in a while, and I’ve been loving that. I use Deadbeef on the computer, or Rockbox on my Sansa Clip+, and several great pairs of headphones and earbuds depending on what I’m doing.

I’ve got several playlists, but I’ve been hitting a general Strange Music playlist lately. I’ve also been going back into older stuff I own.

My wife accidentally bought Strange Clouds by B.o.B. the other day on my phone. I’m actually really happy with this album. I thought Bombs Away (ft. Morgan Freeman) was awesome. I was amused by the reference to Equestria in Strange Clouds (ft. Lil Wayne), and he just does a good job mixing it up with the various artists.

I’m enjoying Hopsin more and more. The little bits and pieces from his parts with Tech N9ne and Stevie Stone got my attention, and it looks like he has an album coming up sometime this year. I might have to grab that one.

Am I the only one not listening to dubstep? I like it when it’s incorporated into music, like how Krizz Kaliko incorporated it in Kickin’ and Screamin’, but on its own it doesn’t do anything for me. It seems like this would be fine in a club or something along those lines. I know people that are able to sit around and listen to it for hours, and I’d probably lose what little sanity I have left this way. Everybody has their own preferences, so if you’re into it, enjoy it. If not, I’m right there with you.

Mar 122012

Tech N9ne’s Klusterfuk EP is being released tomorrow (March 13). The Amazon MP3 price is pretty nice, and I’m grabbing a copy as soon as I can.

I like the spliced together album cover. Track listing and previews below:

1. Klusterfuk
2. Blur (Feat. Wrekonize)
3. Can’t Stand Me (Feat. Krizz Kaliko)
4. Ugly Duckling (Feat. Aqualeo)
5. Awkward
6. D.K.N.Y. (Feat. Krizz Kaliko)


Tuesday (3/13) Edit: I purchased mine. I do wish I had pre-ordered it, but let’s not get Captain Hindsight involved.

Nov 092011

Yeah you read the title right. You can actually get paid to listen to music.

You can read details and see proof that they pay by checking out this link.

The site is called HitPredictor — I’ve been a member for a good while now.

You earn points for listening to new music, rating artists (new and old/known), and giving your opinion on what you hear. You can trade the points in for items in their store such as CDs, DVDs, raffles, Amazon gift cards, and other various items.

You can click here to check it out for yourself.

Oct 072011

Following up on the Houston show for Tech N9ne – The Lost Cities Tour

I wish I had better pictures come out. Lighting is a pain and it didn’t even cross my mind to do pictures of the group. I went with my wife, a friend, and his cousin.

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Aug 302011

Want to put the trollface on any* website and troll your friends, or just amuse yourself for a while? Now you can.

Go to (replace with the domain you wish to troll) in the browser.

Go forth and trollface the internet.


*Some restrictions apply. YMMV.