Jun 202012

So I’m cramming a few updates in this one. I’ve been busy in life and work, and though music is one of my favorite topics I don’t always have the time to talk about it. I’ve worked on writing this post about 5 different times in the last few days, so it’s pretty amazing that it’s being posted at all.

The first thing I want to touch on is Stevie Stone’s new album: Rollin’ Stone.

This is a great album, and I see why Stevie Stone is part of Strange Music. Right now I keep turning back to Cast Out (ft. Krizz Kaliko) and Dollar General (ft. Yelawolf).
While I was waiting for the album release I heard his older (old record label, too) song, Midwest Explosion ft. Tech N9ne. This only got me more excited about the new album.
He’s got a great rap voice and just keeps my attention through each song. Great album if you’re looking for some great rap. Be warned: You will want to hear more.

Onto other things:

Krizz Kaliko is talented, and really hits a lot of different things. Not just on Kickin’ and Screamin’, but on his older work too. The guy can rap, sing, and a lot of things in between and beyond.

Linkin Park is back with a new album dropping on June 26th: Living Things. I heard the new single on the radio (yes, that old thing) and got excited. Check out the official music video for Burn it Down (the new single) here.

I’ve had a chance to listen to more music lately than I have in a while, and I’ve been loving that. I use Deadbeef on the computer, or Rockbox on my Sansa Clip+, and several great pairs of headphones and earbuds depending on what I’m doing.

I’ve got several playlists, but I’ve been hitting a general Strange Music playlist lately. I’ve also been going back into older stuff I own.

My wife accidentally bought Strange Clouds by B.o.B. the other day on my phone. I’m actually really happy with this album. I thought Bombs Away (ft. Morgan Freeman) was awesome. I was amused by the reference to Equestria in Strange Clouds (ft. Lil Wayne), and he just does a good job mixing it up with the various artists.

I’m enjoying Hopsin more and more. The little bits and pieces from his parts with Tech N9ne and Stevie Stone got my attention, and it looks like he has an album coming up sometime this year. I might have to grab that one.

Am I the only one not listening to dubstep? I like it when it’s incorporated into music, like how Krizz Kaliko incorporated it in Kickin’ and Screamin’, but on its own it doesn’t do anything for me. It seems like this would be fine in a club or something along those lines. I know people that are able to sit around and listen to it for hours, and I’d probably lose what little sanity I have left this way. Everybody has their own preferences, so if you’re into it, enjoy it. If not, I’m right there with you.

May 162012

Thanks to UPSMI and USPS my copy of Kickin’ and Screamin’ came in the mail on the release date (May 15)

17 tracks of win.

First I have to say, I’m not a fan of this iTunes exclusive deal with two bonus tracks (19 total). I hate iTunes, their DRM, and filetype. I would’ve purchased the two bonus tracks on Amazon if they were available, but moving on…

Krizz Kaliko brings in dubstep, a great singing voice, killer lyrics, and insane rap skills. Mix that together with Tech N9ne, T-Pain, and several other great featured artists and this album is just full of awesome.

That’s right, win and awesome.

You’ve got killer rap, party music (Abu Dhabi, Dixie Cup, Kill Shit, Spaz), serious music (Hello Walls, Stay Alive), sensual music (Species), and more. So you’re getting a good mix of serious and party on Kickin’ and Screamin’.

Without going track by track I can’t really do the album justice, and I’m not doing that, so you really need to listen yourself.

Don’t ask me how many times I’ve listened to the album since it arrived.

Grab the CD on Amazon or the MP3 Album, whichever you prefer.

May 152012

Krizz Kaliko’s new album Kickin’ and Screamin’ was released today at midnight. Have you ordered your copy?

I’m waiting on the post office to deliver mine.

I’m excited, and the tracks I’ve heard so far have been great. Preview the tracks with the widget above, and you can download it via Amazon too.

Tracklist here.

Apr 242012
I got to read the tracklist for Kickin and Screamin the other day. I figured I should share:
1. Intro (skit) feat. Scenario
2. Dancin With Myself
3. Kali Baby
4. Kill Shit feat. Tech N9ne & Twista
5. Mayday feat. Chamillionaire & Rittz
6. Dumb For You feat. T-Pain
7. Spaz feat. Tech N9ne
8. Dixie Cup feat. Big Scoob & Twiztid
9. Abu Dhabi feat. 816 Boyz
10. Species
11. Can’t Be The Only One feat. Tech N9ne
12. Created A Monster
13. Hello Walls feat. Tech N9ne
14. Wannabe feat. Twiztid
15. Unstable
16. Dream Of A King feat. MAYDAY! & Prozak
17. Stay Alive feat. Big Scoob
And now we play the waiting game…
Mar 292012

¡MAYDAY! – Take Me To Your Leader was released on Monday, May 26. While I was out I decided I’d swing by Best Buy and pick up the combo, which includes Klusterfuk by Tech N9ne (produced by ¡MAYDAY!).

After searching around, I decided it was time to ask the employee that was cleaning up the disorganized CDs and avoiding eye contact with customers. He pulled the information up in the system, and there was not a single copy of the album at a Best Buy within Houston (and according to the website, there still isn’t). I checked the screen while he pulled it up, and I confirmed it online.

I purchased the album from my phone through Amazon and received it within 2 days (today), with Klusterfuk included.

I’ve listened to it a time or two and I’m loving it so far. Strange Music is pushing them out left and right, and ¡MAYDAY! with Tech N9ne makes a great combination.

Check out Badlands ft. Tech N9ne, Last Days ft. Krizz Kaliko, and 17 of other great tracks on this album (19 total, in case you missed that).


You can grab the CD through Amazon here, or if you prefer a quicker delivery, check out the MP3 Album.

For some extra fun, here’s the Badlands (ft. Tech N9ne) music video:

May 052011

Krizz Kalico is featured on T-Pain’s prEVOLVEr The Mixtape. You can read the article about it on Krizz Kalico’s blog: Fans React To Krizz Kaliko And T-Pain Collaboration — Krizz Kalico is the reason I found out about the mixtape being available.

You can download the mixtape for free here. NO REFUNDS.

I’ve only previewed a portion of the album so far, but what I heard definitely leaves me wanting to hear more.

I spent time adjusting the ID3 Tags on the MP3s so I could navigate the album better on my computer and MP3 players, so I went ahead and pulled the track listing below:

Track List:
1. Speech feat. Birdman
2. I Done Showed You feat. Field Mob
3. Big Man feat. Tity Boi
4. Hoes And Ladies feat. Smoke & Lil Wayne
5. You Copying Me?
6. Danger
7. Muffuga
8. So Much Pain feat. One Chance
9. The Word
10. Test Drive
11. Money On The Floor feat. Mistah Fab
12. What?
13. Depressing feat. Tay Dizm
14. Motivated feat. P.L Official & B. Martin
15. Yasimelike feat. One Chance
16. Hit ‘Em Wit It feat. Severe
17. Nightmare feat. One Chance
18. Money Dance feat. One Chance
19. Bring It Back feat. Tay Dizm
20. Fantasy feat. Dawn
21. Open
22. I’ll Make U
23. Have It
24. I Might Have To Go feat. One Chance
25. I’m Just Sayin’
26. What’s The Bidness
27. Out The Hood feat. Brisco & Joey Galaxy
28. Top Flight Sex (Of The World) feat. Joey Galaxy
29. Keep It Coming
30. Welcome home feat. Krizz Kaliko and Bow Wow

I went looking around and couldn’t find any sites that matched the right names and collaborators. It was weird…